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No Lead Wire Solder


Lead-Free-Wire-Solder .125 1/8" dia.

Special no-lead alloys are available to eliminate the hazards of lead in the workplace.

Victory White Metal offers high quality NSF/ANSI Standard 61 plumbing
solders. Meets ASTM B32 and Safe Water Drinking Act requirement

97/3 "No Lead Super 50" (tin/copper) Sn/Cu
Lead Free Plus (tin/copper/silver) Sn/Cu/Ag
95/5 (tin/antimony) Sn/Sb
Standard Wire .125 1/8" dia. also available in .032" dia to .500" dia
Spool sizes: 50lb, 25lb, 5lb, 1lb
Price: Call for current price and availability.  1-888-462-8258