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Lead, Sheet, Squares, Rolls, Flashing, Ingot, Strip

Lead Sheet for Roofing, Plumbing, Water-Proofing and Radiation Protection

Sheet Lead can be used for soundproofing, waterproofing, and radiation shielding. Most commonly seen in the roofing industry as 2.5 lb. 3 & 4 lb. squares, we offer flat, rolled and rolled and wrapped.

Stock square sizes are 30” x 30” and 36” x 36”.

Rolls are available from 6” to 96” widths and up to 25 ft. Lengths.

Most other sizes are available upon request.

Also available are Plate, Brick, Circles and Special Fabricated Products.

Lead Roof Vent Pipe Flashing

Lead Roof Flashing
Multi-Pitch Lead Roof Flashings
[lead-roof-flashing] Multi-Pitch Lead Roof Flashings are made from the highest quality and most extensive life materials; ideal for all types of roofing applications.

Available in 2.5# 3# and 4# Lead.

1-1/2”, 2”, 3”,4”, 5” and 6” pipe diameters. Flexible up to approximately 14 degrees.

​Custom sizes available on request.

Roof Pitch Angle and pitch degree.
1/12 = 4 1/2
2/12 = 9 1/2
3/12 = 14
4/12 = 18 1/2
5/12 = 22 1/2
6/12 = 26 1/2
7/12 = 30 1/4
8/12 = 33 1/2
9/12 = 36 1/2
10/12 = 39 1/2
11/12 = 42 1/2
12/12 = 45
13/12 = 47
14/12 = 49
15/12 = 51
16/12 = 53
17/12 = 54 1/2
18/12 = 56
12/17 = 35 1/4

Custom Lead Flashing
[custom-lead-flashing] Custom Lead Flashings are made from the same high-quality material as our standard multi-pitch flashings. They are specially made to your architectural specifications and to meet federal, state, city and county flashing code requirements. These flashings can be manufactured as adjustable or made fixed to fit any roof up to 17/12 pitch. To order Custom Lead Flashings, specify the diameter of the pipe, a thickness of lead, size of flange or base, height, of boot & pitch of the roof
Strip Lead Flashing
Lead Ingot

Strip Lead
Strip lead is manufactured as a cast product instead of rolled on a mill like traditional sheet lead. Strip lead is ideal for waterproofing and flashing applications.
We offer stock strip lead in easy to manage
50 lb. rolls, 2.5 lbs. per square foot (.042” thick), in the various widths.
4 lb. lead rolls are also available
Standard roll sizes are:
10” X24’
14” x17’
18” X 13.33’
As the distributor we can offer customs size on request.

Ingot Lead is manufactured in 25 lb. strings, consisting of 5 lb. sections.
Ingot lead is clean and easy to work with. Our standard ingot contains a minimum of 99.7% lead; 99.9% also available.
Small quantities of standard ingot are available for same day shipping.

Lead Lined Drywall
Lead Lined Plywood

Lead Lined Gypsum Board
Lead Lined Gypsum Board, also known as leaded drywall, is constructed of a single roll of our own lead sheet meeting federal specification QQ-L-201 F or ASTM B 749-03 for lead that is laminated to fire code (Type X-Ray Shielded Gypsum) gypsum board meeting classification ASTM C 1396. Mayco supplies sheet lead for the lead lined gypsum board in various thicknesses, depending on the levels of radiation shielding your construction calls for. Most of our lead-lined board is shipped as 5/8 inch think, although 1/2 inch Gypsum Board is available.
Gypsum Board Sizes: 4 ft X 8 ft, 4 ft X 9 ft, 4 ft x 10 ft, 4 ft x 12 ft
Standard Lead Sheet Thickness: 1/32 in, 3/64 in, 1/16 in, 5/64 in, 3/32 in, 1/8 in 

Lead Lined Plywood
Lead Lined Plywood is constructed of a single roll of our own lead sheet, meeting federal specification QQ-L-201 F or ASTM B 749-03 for lead, that is laminated to ½”, 5/8”, ¾” or 1” Fire Resistant plywood. The thickness of the plywood is determined by the lead thickness requirements for the level of radiation shielding your construction calls for.

  1. Lead Flashing Repair Caps
    Lead Flashing Repair Caps
    Lead Flashing Repair Caps, also known as “repair caps” or “counter flashings” are designed to fit on top of existing lead boots or vent pipes. Available in 1-1/2”, 2”, 3” and 4” and approximately 6” high
  2. Lead Bend Repair Collars
    Lead Repair Collars
    Lead Bend Repair Collars are made to repair closet bends that have deteriorated at the top flange. Made to fit directly into the old closet bend for a simple repair. 5.75” flange, approx. 4” pipe, 4.5” stack
  3. Lead Wool
    Lead Wool
    Lead Wool, a form of caulking lead, is comprised of long fine strands of chemical grade lead which are twisted into 5/8” rope for use in various applications.Available in 5 lb. waterproof bags or 50 lb. cartons. 2-½ ft. of lead wool weighs approximately one lb. Federal Specification QQ-C-40
  1. Leaded X-Ray Glass
    Leaded X-Ray Glass
    Leaded X-Ray Glass Call for available sizes.
  2. Babbitt
    Babbitt Metal
    Babbitt is offered in a variety of alloys and is produced to meet Federal Specifications. Available in 8-10lb. notch bars, packed in 50 lb. cartons in the following types in order of hardness:
  3. Pig Lead
    Lead Pig
    Pig Lead is a larger “chunk” of lead typically purchased for re-melt or as ballast. Sold in 50-100 lb. bars, pig lead is available in various alloys. Like our lead ingots, pig lead is clean and easy to work with. We are able to provide pigs individually or in bundles, typically purchased for re-melt or ballast.