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Lead-Ingot-Pig-Wool-Pipe-Bends-Stubs-Repair Collars

Ingot Lead

Lead Ingot

 Ingot Lead is manufactured in 25 lb. strings, ​consisting  of​ 5, 5 lb. sections.
Ingot lead is clean and easy to work with. Our standard ingot contains a minimum of 99.7% lead; 99.9% also available.

Pig Lead

Pig Lead

Pig Lead is a larger “chunk” of lead typically purchased for re-melt or as ballast. Sold in 50-100 lb. bars, pig lead is available in various alloys. Like our lead ingots, Pig lead is clean and easy to work with. We are able to provide pigs individually or in bundles, typically purchased for re-melt or ballast.

Lead Wool

Lead Wool
Lead Wool, a form of caulking lead, is comprised of long fine strands of chemical grade lead which are twisted into 5/8” rope for use in various applications.Available in 5 lb. waterproof bags or 50 lb. cartons. 2-½ ft. of lead wool weighs approximately one lb.
Federal Specification QQ-C-40

Lead Pipe

Lead Pipe
Lead Pipe is extruded to uniform wall thickness and quality. Lead Pipe Sizes from 2″ thru 10″ are shipped in lengths up to 10 ft.; packed in fiber tubes to ensure straightness.
Sizes 3/8″ thru 1½” can be furnished in coils.

Lead Bend Repair Collars

Lead Repair Collar
Repair Collars mend any closet bends that have deteriorated at the top flange. With a 5-3/4″ flange, a 4-1/2″ stack, and a 4″ pipe diameter,