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Bench Soldering Furnace

Double burners and a refractory lining enable this unit to heat
several soldering coppers at a time, fast. This bench mounted
furnace is made from cast iron and is built to last. Truly the
standard of the industry for many years. Specify Nat. or LP gas.

Triple Burners available on request.

Bench Furnace, Nat. Gas 101-NG 24#
Bench Furnace, L-P Gas 101-LP 24#


Lone Star Bench Soldering Furnace LP Propane or Natural Gas Four Burner
  • Heats a pair of Soldering Coppers in 4 minutes
  • Log-type manifold with four orifices - no pilot light - includes SS flex hose
  • Natural Gas or Propane
  • Compact size for convenient bench work
  • Heavy Cast Iron Body holds head
  • Fire Brick floor protects workbench
  • Brass Gas Control Valve
  • Adjustable Guard Protects stay-clean burners

Ez Pot Pro Portable Furnace
Discontinued No Longer Available

Portable Soldering Furnace

Why drag an old fire pot with a 5-gallon propane tank on a roof? Because you need your soldering irons nearby, hot, and enough gas for the job, Right? That's why I invented the Ez-Pot Pro System, a lightweight portable fire pot made to be used on a roof. No more jury-rigged 5-gallon propane bottle bracing, just a 14 oz bottle will last 8 hours. 
*8 Hours per bottle. A refillable 14oz propane bottle will keep your irons hot for a continuous 8 hours. *Transfer hose available for standard propane fittings.
*Quick-Adjust High-Grade adjustment hardware allows the safe use of the fire pot on any roof angle.
*High-Quality Ultra-Reliable Goss Torch Included, Stainless Hardware for Long Life, Made in the USA
*Efficient Design Enclosed on Five sides for wind protection, Insulated Stainless Steel Liner
Capacity-Two (2) 3 LB Soldering Irons

Portable Floor Soldering Iron Heater, and Furnace LP Propane Gas

Soldering Iron Heater.
A heavy-duty, cast-iron construction soldering coppers heater that attaches directly to the floor furnace. Designed to heat two hand soldering coppers, with the flame applied to the body of the copper tips the points are not in the fire while heating, thus reducing the need for re-tinning.
Soldering Iron Heater Spec; 6.5" wide x 4" high x 11" length. 9 lbs.

Portable Floor Furnace.
Portable furnace sits directly on the ground, floor, or roof.
Easy portability. Connects to propane tank using a flexible hose.
Soldering Iron Heater mounts directly on top of the furnace.
Bail Handle is furnished for convenience when moving the furnace and soldering iron heater assembly.
Portable Floor Furnace Spec; 8" x 8" base - 11" high - 8.5 lbs.