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  1. Steel-Pop-Rivet-42
    Steel-Rivets/Steel-Mandrel Steel-Rivets #42, 43, 44, , 48, 46 Rivet Dia. 1/8" .125 Rivet Length Max. .275 - .65 depending on size Grip Range .063 - .500 depending on size Larger sizes are available call 1-888-462-8258 for pricing
  2. Steel-Pop-Rivet-Large-Flange
    Steel-Rivets/Steel-Mandrel Steel-Rivets #42, 44, Rivet Dia. 1/8" - .125 Rivet Length Max. . .275 - .400 depending on size Grip Range .126 - .250 depending on size Drill Size #30
  3. Painted-Steel-Pop-Rivet
    Painted-Steel-Rivets/Steel-Mandrel Painted-Steel-Rivets #42, 44 Rivet Dia. 1/8" .125 Call for pricing, and color availability.
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A stainless steel blind fastener with a self-contained stainless steel mandrel which is otherwise designed identically to other dome head rivets. The head of the body is slightly rounded and twice as wide as the diameter of the body.
Stainless rivets have the strongest tensile strengths, shear strengths and mandrel break-load standards of all of our break mandrel rivets. They resist tarnishing under most atmospheric conditions and offers high strength at moderately raised temperatures. They should be used when fastening materials with mechanical and physical properties similar to stainless steel.

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